Reach more. Close more.

Help clients who don’t yet qualify for a mortgage get into their dream home and still earn a commission with a fraction of the work.

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“Clients rely on me to get them into homes. Divvy is another tool in my toolbox that helps me reach more customers and close more deals.”
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De Howard
Your Home Sold Guaranteed, Atlanta, GA

Divvy helps you grow your business

Quick and easy closings

Divvy deals are similar to a lease transaction – less paperwork, quicker move-ins than a typical purchase, and no purchase agreement or title work. Earn a commission with each closing.

Save time with self-touring

Divvy helps your clients tour homes on their own, saving you time (and gas mileage).

Fuel your business for the future

Divvy creates opportunities to grow your client base. By helping more customers get into their dream homes sooner, you'll fast-track the growth of your referral network.

Extend the power of homeownership

Divvy gives you the tools to make homeownership happen. Nothing beats the magic of helping more families secure their dream homes, especially when they weren’t sure it was possible.

The Divvy difference

Our top-performing agents close an average of 9 extra homes per year with Divvy.

Top-performing agents generated over $60,000 each in commissions from Divvy sales alone in 2021.

Our average time between offer and close is just 19 days.

Close on more homes in just 3 steps.

Get your clients approved in minutes

Refer clients to Divvy with one click. It takes 5 minutes for them to get prequalified and requires just a soft credit check (there are no fees for using Divvy, ever).

Find their dream home

With their Divvy-approved budget, your clients can self-tour our homes with help from our team – no competitive bidding or negotiation required.

Close more deals with less work

Since we own our homes, there’s no need for a purchase agreement, title work, or appraisal – so you’ll earn a commission without jumping through the hoops of a typical home purchase.

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“Divvy’s program is phenomenal. Many of my clients need a home quickly. With Divvy they’re able to get the home they want even if their mortgage application is denied.”
Natalie Cousins
Natalie Cousins & Associates, Atlanta, GA
Closed 24 homes with Divvy
image of Ryan Lefkowitz
“Divvy has been a game changer for both my clients and my business. I’ve helped business owners and first time buyers that normally wouldn’t qualify, and now rent to own is over half of my business.”
Ryan Lefkowitz
My Home Group, Phoenix, AZ
Closed 7 homes with Divvy
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“Divvy is a great program that really helps people. As an agent, they are always there for any questions or concerns, and are always offering new ideas for my business.”
Dave Overholser
LoKation Real Estate, Tampa, FL
Closed 29 homes with Divvy